i got this shirt and it has this weird ruffled hood / neck so i can wear it like this


but if its gets cold i can also put it over my mouth and nose like this


and when it rains i can use it as a hoodie


and when i need to attend an emergency kkk meeting it works too


and i can also pretend to be the pixar lamp




I’d be such a good girlfriend you’re all missing out

  • book one: professor mcgonnagal and the you put a WHAT in our WHERE albus
  • book two: professor mcgonnagal and the we have a WHAT IN OUR WHERE ALBUS
  • book three: professor mcgonnagal and the ministry is sending us WHAT because of WHO
  • book four: professor mcgonnagal and the ARE YOU SHITTING ME ALBUS
  • book five: professor mcgonnagal and the we have WHO telling us to do WHAT
  • book six: professor mcgonnagal and the albus do something NO NOT THAT
  • book seven: professor mcgonnagal and the I FINALLY GET TO BLOW SHIT UP THANK YOU WIZARD GOD


my thoughts on the #AlsIceBucketChallenge

Oh yeah hey iivagetsfit and raskbutt if you guys are up for it then you should also do the ice bucket challenge

On the Instagram one I posted I tagged Enni Rukajärvi and Sage Kotsenburg because I didn’t have two other people to do it but hey you guys can!

So I did the ALS ice bucket challenge. I was challenged twice, once by my mom and once by my aunt. I challenge @katherinerosepierce96, and two of my favorite snowboarders, @ennirukajarvi and @sagekotsenburg. If you see this, you have 24 hours! Donate at

The McMorris bros look like the best people to party with